How Mobile Apps and Technologies are Supporting Hotel Industry

Mobile technology is nowadays most common amongst users. Users prefer using mobiles and smartphones for every minor to the major task. Be it booking a movie ticket online, buying clothes; conducting a meeting or simply ordering food. Everything can be done in seconds with the help of smartphones.

A survey conducted by OpenMarket says 74% of business feel mobile as a major priority, in terms of marketing and other business needs. On an average 85% of the time on smartphones is spent on apps by the end users (Source). According to US hotel industry 2015 statistics, the value of the hotel industry in the U.S. increased by 7.2 percent over the previous year (Source: Statista). Mobile apps are developed by almost all businesses; ranging from small to large, because it offers better consumer service and engagement. Three out of four travelers use mobile smartphones; while travelling and more likely to book hotels, restaurants, cabs, online. Since the ratio is so appealing, the hotel business is considering smartphones and apps as the important tools for user engagement and marketing.

Mobile Apps are Used by Hotel Industry for Following Benefits

  • Direct Marketing
  • User Engagement
  • Increased User Loyalty
  • 24×7 Access to Brand Information
  • Branding
  • Medium of Communication

If you are running a hotel; and do not have a mobile application, then you should start developing one immediately. Let us see; how mobile apps and technologies are supporting hotel industry.

1. Up to Date Sharing of Information:

The mobile app industry enable hotels and restaurants to share live updates related to hotels. A real-time information is offered with the help of Content Management Systems. Restaurants that offer some special menus every day; can display such items through these apps. Also, many restaurants, cafes, hotels organize some events, and instead of investing a lot of money on marketing and promoting these events, mobile apps are used. Users and visitors can use these apps and get to know about every latest update related to the events.

2. Customer Review:

For any successful business, customer review is very essential. Customer review includes information related to customers experience; what are they liking the most about your hotel, what things they want to be changed, whether they liked the taste of your food, whether they liked the service, etc. These reviews are extremely important since these are studied by the management and accordingly changes can be made for gaining more customers.

3. Direct Marketing:

When we talk about technology; it has become the first choice for marketers and traditional marketing is now out of fashion. As compared to it; digital marketing has captured the market in a boosted speed. TV ads, digital marketing campaigns and social media marketing are the mediums of direct marketing. These mediums are extremely efficient; since there are millions of smartphone users and almost everything is searched online. For instance, a person who is looking for Italian pasta; will simply Google it and find all the nearby options to eat Italian Pasta. The information displayed on the screen is so accurate; that it even shows the rate card, hotel timings, distance of the person to that particular hotel, etc. This is the magic of technology in terms of marketing.

4. Loyalty and Rewards:

Hotel businesses can also use the technique of rewards and loyalty points. For instance; a hotel offers its visitors a discount coupon that can be used for the next visit. Or rewards are given in the form of any free vouchers, etc. Also, users who book online through apps usually get some kind of complimentary gifts or discounts. These are nothing but marketing techniques with the help of technology.

5. Customer Engagement:

Conducting user engagement events is another benefit. It increases the popularity of the hotel and also brand loyalty. For instance, many hotel businesses conduct certain competitions; where users are supposed to post photos of them clicked in the hotel. Best photo wins some sort of prize.

Above are the 5 ways mobile apps and technology can support hotel industry. As the leading number of hotels are increasing, the competition is getting tougher. It is very essential for hotel owners to understand the need for mobile technology.

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