Top Free Malware Scanner and Antivirus in 2018

The technology world is developing every single day. Some trends such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, wearables, virtual reality, etc. are the current topics. In this vastly growing scenario, where technology is getting an all-new face, a fundamental concern bothers us all, and that is security.

Everyone is aware of the virus, cyber-crimes & malware nowadays. It is a myth that only large-scale companies need to worry about virus and malware. Every data and piece of information is important. Not only for corporate but also individually.

According to a report, the newly detected malware attacks reach 669.5 in 2017 compared to 357 in 2016. Many companies have experienced a loss of millions of dollars due to underestimating malware and viruses. It might affect the data of that company. Many companies have lost all their customer details due to malware infections. Data recovery is expensive and time-consuming. Besides, it might not be the case everytime that data gets recovered successfully.

Also, the cyber-crimes. These cybercriminals usually select emails as a medium to spread viruses in the systems. The person who opens that email, his complete data gets hacked with the help of malware. WannaCry, Petya, are some of the most popular cyber attacks of the year 2017 that affected millions of devices around the globe.

Let Us Focus On Types of Various Viruses That Might Affect Your Data & System:

  1. Browser Hijacker – it redirects you to some malicious sites instead of redirecting you to the desired site that you entered.
  2. File Infection Virus – these viruses are attached to host files that you usually use often. It can take over the file completely.
  3. Polymorphic Virus – These are the most dangerous type of viruses. They code and encrypt accordingly and might affect the whole program. These are very difficult to detect.
  4. FAT Virus – This is another severe type of virus which ruins file allocation system. It also destroys files and other directories.
  5. Memory Resident Virus – Another destructive type of virus is memory resident virus. It gets embedded with computer’s memory. It corrupts and deletes the files and creates space for itself.


List of Top Online Malware Scanner Software

After reading some of the real stats and types of viruses or malware, one question must have popped up that what is the solution? The solution is malware scanner and antivirus. Let us see what all are in the list of best malware scanner and antivirus in 2018.

#1. AVG Antivirus

AVG works as a malware scanner and removal tool. It can remove spyware, adware, ransomware, viruses, etc. It also offers protection to your web activities and email. With the help of deep scan option, you can remove the spyware since AVG runs a slow and thorough scan. AVG has a simple and easy to understand design as well as layout. You don’t have to be any computer expert to run the scan.

Active User: 200 Million 



#2. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

The Microsoft malicious software removal tool checks the Windows to detect a threat by particular prevalent malicious software. This tool is available for download in free of cost. It displays a report in the end that displays all detected malware and viruses and bugs.

Active User: 270 Million (2006)



#3. Panda Free Antivirus

Do you have a slow RAM? Is there any memory issue in your system? In such scenarios, Panda free antivirus is the best option. All its work is accomplished in the cloud that indicates all the heavy loads processed on Panda’s server. It lets the memory focus on other demanding and essential jobs.

Active User: 2.5 million




#4. Avast

Yet another immensely popular anti-virus tool. It has a user-friendly interface and can detect as well as remove any spyware in very less time. The user can also block unrecognized files by enabling CyberCapture feature. Other features included in Avast are Wi-Fi inspector, junk cleaner, and software updater. Just like any other antivirus, Avast too has an option of overall complete scanning and individual scanning.

Active User: 435 million



#5. Malwarebytes Antivirus

The most promising feature of Malwarebytes antivirus; is that it is updated daily. It often happens that instead of having an antivirus installed; the system gets affected by a virus. This is because the antivirus might not update some new virus that has entered the market. Hence, this feature of Malwarebytes antivirus is something that increases the reliability. It also has additional features such as real-time scanning and protection from malware, virus, and Ransomware and an easy to understand design. One more impressive thing is that it offers a 14 days trial of premium tool that enables you to get a closer look at its few best features in paid form.

Active User: 250 million




#6. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus checks the suspicious applications that hold malicious threats. It detects malware, spyware, rare threats and much more in real time. It starts scanning as soon as you turn on the system. Also, it does not pop up annoying ads! This is one of the best free antiviruses in 2018.

Active User: 500 million



#7. Emsisoft

This is a portable anti-spyware tool. You can store it on a USB or cloud. This tool gets updated in a small period of the cycle that makes it one of the best antiviruses in 2018. It requires the internet connection to perform all the updates.

Active User: No Information


Final Conclusion:

These are the few of the best malware scanner in 2018. Every best antivirus in 2018 has certain unique features. It depends on the users to select one according to their need. Having a free malware scanner installed in the system is vital since the risk of the system getting corrupted and losing essential files gets reduced.

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