12 Unique US & Canadian Restaurant Promotion Ideas

The food business has always been a lucrative sector. There are various mediums through which businesses are supplying food to the end consumers like restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and much more. There are more than one million restaurants in the US. The overall population of the US is 329.45 million as per the World Population Review. This indicates that for every 330 people, there is one restaurant in the US. The vital reason behind a huge number of restaurants is the monetary benefits it possesses.

The projected sales of the restaurant industry in 2019 is $863 billion. According to another report, 91% of restaurateurs expect profits to increase in 2019. A survey conducted reflects that 9 in 10 consumers say they enjoy going to restaurants. Canada is also seeing rapid growth in the restaurant industry. As per a report, total annual industry food service sales in Canada are projected to surpass $93 billion by the end of 2019. With an increasing number of restaurants, the major concern is to sustain in this competitive market.

While there are some famous brands available in the market, restaurants must consider attracting new consumers and think out of the box to make existing consumers retain with some of the best marketing strategies for restaurants.

As discussed, sustaining this competitive industry is a tough job. Small scale and medium scale restaurants usually end up in bearing huge losses as they tend to neglect the brand standards. Achieving a hike in sales requires businesses to create a brand image of their restaurants. It is recommended to give your restaurant a logo that will suit your business. Designing a logo and your unique tag line are the essentials of brand standards. Restaurants need to set a separate budget for promotion other than traditional marketing.

Google, Alexa, and Siri are all over and restaurant owners are recommended to have a specific plan to fit in this world of online marketing. For small scale restaurants, it is important to focus on local marketing by targeting a particular set of the audience from specific demography. Local online marketing enables businesses to showcase their restaurants to local citizens in no time. Let us figure out what benefits does online marketing deliver to restaurant owners.

Benefits of using our online marketing strategy.

1. Target new audience

Target new audience

New restaurant promotion ideas will help businesses attract a new audience as the online visibility increases.

2. Grow business

As per a report, 86% of millennials tend to try new restaurants after seeing online promotions.

3. Branding

Brands are easier to recognize and can help to make a space in consumers’ minds. Make sure your branding reflects your business objectives and justifies your services.

4. New food items to be launch

New food items to be launch

Did you know that 79% of millennials enjoy experimenting with cuisine from different regions and cultures?. This brings a drastic need for the addition of new items on the menu. Offer them something new if you wish to form a new image for your restaurant.

5. New venture

New Venture

With the growth in business and proper alignment of restaurant promotion ideas, restaurant owners can convert these small layouts into a new venture.

Now that you are aware of the benefits offered by online marketing, let us see how to achieve it.

1. Build a website

Image Source: Daniel Restaurant New York

Website is one of the primary stages in online marketing. A restaurant website enables the audience to gain all the necessary information quickly. A website should be responsive i.e. it should deliver equal experience all over the devices and operating systems. Make sure to add images and menu of the restaurant and keep updating it with upcoming events to make it more engaging.

2. Run a contest

Run a Contest

Engaging audience is an important task in every marketing campaign. You can organize a contest that involves customers and offers them certain perks. This increases the possibility of organic promotions.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing

Though this sounds a bit ‘old school’, it always works. Invite prospects to your restaurant or spread awareness about the contests through some well-designed emails. It offers a personal touch.

Managing customer contacts is very challenging, speciallly for a restaurant business. Customer details include name, phone number, email address, promotional campaign, and some times special notes. If you are looking to handling all these things in one place; then I would recommend you to use HubSpot direct marketing service. Get all your client information in one place, send them a promotional offer, manage social media activity, and much more.

HubSpot Service

4. Reach local food blogger

local food blogger

Bloggers can be a great help. There are travel bloggers and food bloggers who keep exploring different places and try different cuisine. You can reach these bloggers and offer them to write a blog about your restaurant. This will help their followers know about your restaurant and ultimately increases restaurant popularity.

5. Be social

Be on Social Media

social media marketing for restaurants is no more limited to chats and memes. It is one of the most reliable platforms to promote your businesses online. As per a survey report, 67% of restaurants plan to pay for social media ads in the year 2019. Facebook and Instagram are considered as the most favored platforms to post content about restaurants and promote the businesses.

6. Get listed on food Apps

listed on food Apps

Postmates, UberEats, Delivery.com, and DoorDash are considered as the most used food delivery apps in the USA market. Getting listed on such apps can improve sales by showcasing your restaurant menu to a huge number of audience and also increases brand awareness.

7. Get reviews

restaurant review and rating
Image Source: Google Search

Customers tend to believe reviews more than your ads and posts. Reviews work as testimonials. Make sure you request your valuable customers put reviews about the ambiance, taste, service, and staff.

8. Provide best customer service

best customer service

Along with these best marketing strategies for restaurants, it is important to focus on your restaurant’s service to gain honest positive reviews.

9. Offer coupon code

Offer Coupon Code

Coupon codes are a medium of retaining existing customers. Offering coupon codes indicates an invitation to the place with certain perks.

10. Setup my Google local business

Google local listing

Google Local Business is a listing and best local marketing tools for restaurants businesses from particular demography. Listing your restaurant in Google Local Business can help highlight your business and beat the competition.

11. Share photos

restaurant customer

Ambience is a very important aspect. Let your users know that your restaurant’s ambiance offers Instagram worthy photos. It is a fact that many people visit restaurants due to their unique ambiance.

12. Offer rewards and loyalty benefits

Offer Rewards and Loyalty Benefits

The loyal customers deserve special perks and this is the best way to make them love your restaurant more especially in holiday seasons. It will also motivate other customers to become your loyal audience.

You can send promotional coupon codes and other deals to your customer through GetResponse. It is a well-known brand in the email marketing industry service that offers different email promotion features. Click below image to know more about their best deals and features.

Getresponse Email Marketing


Restaurant business offers monetary benefits and that is the reason it has attracted entrepreneurs on a high scale. The industry is offering employment to millions of people. Hence it has become crucial to beat the completion. Follow our above-mentioned unique restaurant promotion ideas to achieve better ROI.

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