Best Chilling Fashion Tips For This Summer Season

Fashion is all about comfort! Being comfortable in what you wear is the thing. The world is getting connected to each other at a higher pace. We all are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. What do we do on these sites? Talk to our friends, families, some professional use and most of the stalking celebrities!

We all fancy celebs for their unique style sense and try to copy them. Instead of this, why not create your own style statement and let others copy you!

Fashion in these days has become a hot topic as a medium of communication has increased and anything that is trending becomes famous with a speed of fire in the forest! Pleats, joggers, white denim are the fashion clothes we saw last year and are still continue to add glam in this boring world. As the years are passing, it has been realized that tight and short clothes are not the only fashion state. Comfort is equally important.

As we decide the clothes as per the occasion, climate also matters a lot. You don’t wear layers of clothes in summer, do you? Or palazzos in monsoon is a bad idea. It depends on the climate how the dressing should be done. Not only the pattern but also the dress color should match the climate. Denim, leather, and wool are the basic needs in winter. Whereas cotton, silk is much suited in summer. For monsoon, focus on shoe peeps! Rainy boots in classy designs are all you need in monsoon.

In this blog, we are going to share top tips for fashion this summer.

9. Learn Science!

Summer Fashion Science


Summer means heat! A lot of heat! Harmful sun rays that damage the skin is not what we want. Now how a small knowledge of science can help you here? Focus on light color shades. White will be awesome. Did you know white reflects the heat that comes from direct exposure to sun rays? Dark colors like black, brown, etc. absorb the heat and hence will increase the body heat if you wear it in summer. This was about the color science. Now fabric science. Cotton is your best friend in summer. If you travel a lot or have a job out of office or your home’s AC is not working… you need to wear cotton clothes. Cotton absorbs the sweat and keeps the body cool.

8. Try Floral

Try Floral

This is most tried summer fashion tips. Floral print has this classy, cool and fresh look. You get multicolor floral designs on the market. Floral patterns look cool in shoes too. There are loud florals, dramatic florals, and many more patterns in floral. You can wear flowering tops, skirts, pants, scarfs or shoes too. There are also floral designed glairs which will add a class in your day look! It is a myth that floral is for only girls’ fashion clothes. It is also a part of men’s fashion clothes.

7. Summer Jackets

Summer Jackets

Men’s fashion clothes must include jackets. All summer fashion tips are incomplete without jackets. Summer is not for leathers. But loose denim jackets or linen jackets will look perfect. Girls’ fashion clothes can have jackets on dresses, tops, etc.

6. Jumpsuits

Summer Jumpsuite

These are amazing in girls’ fashion clothes. Jumpsuits are comfortable, trendy, classy, sassy, and cool. Wear any of print on it. Wear full sleeves or sleeveless; both look stunning.

5. Wear Less Makeup

Summer Make Tips

Remember we said less and not no makeup. As the season is spring, the daylight is too bright. Contrast always work best. Try it out regarding makeup. Instead of dark colors, select light colors like peach, baby pink, light red, etc. Matte is best suited in summer as they do not have a glossy factor and do not shine. We already wear glasses in daylight and don’t want more shiny things around. Do we?

4. Avoid Embellishments

Summer Printed Pattern Shirt

In spring, avoid heavy embroidery. Instead, you can have printed patterns as an alternative option. Embroidery will weigh the clothes and it will stick to the body causing more comfort and irritation. Printed clothes will give a sassy look.

3. Always Carry a Scarf

Summer Scarf

Cover your head from the heat with fancy scarfs. Keep in mind that the scarf should be light weighted. There are various cool ways you can wear scarfs. You can wear it as a tie, or simply wrap your head or just hang it on shoulders.

2. Summer Hair Style

Summer Hair Style

If you have really long hair, messy buns or ponytails are the best options for you. Tying long hair will let you walk free without a sweat for a long time. If you have small hair, try decorating it with tiny hair accessories. Hair gets spoiled quickly in summer because of excess heat. Hence take extra care of your hair and do not forget to tie them.

1. Footwear

Footware for Summer Season

Sandals, shoes, slippers or anything. Wear whatever you want. Make sure the color matches the clothes and its pattern. Make sure the shoes won’t cause sweat.

With all these tips on fashion for summer, do follow fashion stylists and be updated with what is trending in the market. Here are some of the Facebook pages of these fashion icons:



Be the first to try the latest fashion. Don’t be afraid to experiment. After all fashion is being unique and showing off your side. Happy Fashion!

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