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Brewing is fun! Brewing industry of USA has always experienced great growth year after year. Unlike other countries, brewing is considered fun in the United States of America. According to a report generated by Statista, in 2016, the United States was the second largest country in worldwide beer production. Most of the people familiar with craft beer are Americans and that too millennial. People are becoming social animals but on the internet! Instead of meeting personally and interacting, people prefer interacting through smartphones and apps. With the help of technology, it has become very easy to share your thoughts and put forward your word.

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If you are into brewing industry, you need to consider the latest tools to generate more revenue. In this digital era, having a website is not enough. This digital presence is incomplete if you are not considering mobile applications. Total 178.1 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2017. There are 3 million apps in Android’s play store and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s app store. An average person spends 2.5 hours on mobile apps. The average user has 60 to 90 apps on their smartphones. There are many amazing mobile applications related to the brewing industry. Now you must be wondering what are these apps used for? These apps give you the opportunity to connect with other people who love to drink beer. One of the most popular mobile application for brewing is Untappd.

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Untappd is a mobile application that lets you explore the latest brewing updates such as brewing events, new bars, updated menus, etc. Users can share their experiences with various breweries. They can also rate and comment on the beer. This lets other users understand which brewery is better and what are the new items
on the menu.

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The app has some fun features such as users get badges and achievements that lets them have some discounts and other interesting offers. Whenever a user checks in different bars, he or she gets a badge. The badges are divided into three categories; special badges, beer badges, and venue badges. Beer badges are for different types of beer consumed from a single country. Venue badges are for drinking beer from different venues in one night. When a user check-in on special days like independence day, Christmas Eve, etc; these special badges can be earned. The Untappd app was included in the “Top 50 Apps of the Year” of 2016. Users can check in using social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook. It is very easy to create a profile and add the beer you drink in Untappd app. You can search quickly where to find your favorite brands of beer. Youngsters are having a fear of missing out that is called FOMO. hence, they always keep themselves updated with what others are doing. With Untappd, users can see what their friends are drinking and where they are drinking.

If you are traveling to a new place and have no idea about the brewery there, Untappd works as a savior! There are many breweries available in all the cities, but you need to have the best beer at the best venue. Also, if you are looking for a particular beer, you can upload the details on your profile and your connections will help you get it. Users can simply scan the barcode of the beer they want and hail an Uber directly to the venue.

Untappd was founded in the year 2010 by Greg Avola, Tim Mather, Kurt Taylor and Trace Smith. There are approximately 7 million users of Untappd app from all over the globe. On the 17th of January 2014, Untappd crossed 1 million users. Earning 1 million users in just 4 years is a great achievement and the reason behind this high pace growth is the quality it offers to the app users. There are more than 100 employees working in Untappd and successfully managing data of 7 million users. The estimated annual revenue of the Untappd app is 5.5 million US dollars.


Various apps are built every day. The question here is what unique service are you offering to the end users. Untappd has done exactly the same. The brewery market of the USA is increasing at a rapid speed and the app adds into it. It has got various amazing features that are unbeatable. Users can share their experience with this app and post live updates of what beer they are having and at which place. Users can make new friends on Untappd too.

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