List of Copyright & Royalty Free Images List

While surfing on the internet, if you see a long text and an image that has the same content shrunk with some symbols. What would you choose to read? Maximum users will go with the image.

A photograph clicked by camera or a drawing drawn on the computer has an owner always. Using images on websites, blogs, social media posts, etc. increases the chances of more readers and adds interest.

Have you heard of these terms: royalty images and copyright images?

What is Royalty Free Images?

For using such images, you have to pay a certain fee decided by the owner and give the credits for the image to them. Royalty free images are not free! The word free might confuse you that you get those images free of cost. However, it is not like that. Royalty images require a license for usage. If the person wants to use such royalty images, he will have to buy a license every time he wishes to use. However, royalty free images have a license that is cheaper and once acquired, the user can use these images anywhere as many times as he wants. Freely using the images without paying additional royalties.

What is the need for royalty free images? Why would anyone charge a fee on ordinary images? These images are not like what you click randomly. These are in the category of high sensitivity and confidentiality. Some places that are prohibited by the government and many times photography is also prohibited. Such images are converted into royalty images. Also, many times some companies conduct high-level primary research to gather information and sensitive data from users. This data is analyzed and represented in the form of images. Such images are also in the category of royalty images. Using such images will increase the value of your content, and these images are required to enhance the sincerity.

What is Copyright Free Images?

Anyone can use copyright free images without giving credits. The user need not buy any license and these images are completely free. The images clicked or created before the US government does not copyright the year 1923.

What is Trademark Images?

Images can be Copyrighted but cannot have a trademark. Photos and images do not fit in the criteria of the trademark.

What is Reseller Images?

There are some sites where you can resell the comprehensive images. Users can use certain images from these sites and can even resell those images.

Let us see what the famous sites that offer you royalty free images, stock images, and Copyright free images are:

#1. Realistic Shots

Realistic shots is a site where you get a collection of free stock photography. All the images on this site are free to use anyway user wishes. They added seven new photos every week. All photos are under the CC0 license.

#2. Gratisography

Gratisography is a website where the user gets the quirkiest collection of free high-resolution pictures. These images are free of copyright restrictions.

#3. Wikimedia Commons

This is a well known public domain images resource. The site contains all types of images including free images as well as images with restrictions.

#4. Pixabay

A community of photographers creates Pixabay. These photographers upload high-quality public domain images, illustrations, videos, etc. released under CC0. A user has an option of filters too. Users can browse according to the categories also.

#5. Freepik

Images are not always used for social media, infographics, websites, etc. Sometimes you need images in the form of vector graphics. To create brochures, flyers, posters, banners, logos, etc, some vectors are needed. You will get free vector graphics every day on Freepik.

#6. Public Domain Review

Are you a history lover? For any research papers, white papers related to history, you might need public domain photos, illustrations, art, audio, films, and texts. You will get all of these on Public domain review. they release monthly curated choice and also user can browse the different unique categories. Curated choice includes special guest posts that have posted something unique and lesser known part of history.

#7. Unsplash

Unsplash is a platform where photographers post unique pics which are not “traditional”. It is a group of photographers who offer high definition images for free. Users can download images, edit them and distribute them for free. There are categories available from which you can select the images of your choice. Also, you can explore the images by clicking on “Explore” option. There are more than 250,000 images available on Unsplash.

#8. Magdeline

Magdeline is a high-quality resource for free stock images. There is a column on the right side to browse categories such as nature, people, food, etc. Some photos do require attribution; so filter down to CC0 licensed images.


Images that are having copyrights and royalty; if used without license or authority, can cause an infringement of copyright. This can result in monetary damages, lawsuits, costly legal fees and criminal charges (in certain cases only). There are different laws for such image usage in different countries. Now that you know the importance of royalty free images and copyright free images, all you need to do is, get images of your choice from the above-mentioned sites. You can use these images and vector graphics for any purpose, book cover, personal portfolio designs, websites, brochures, commercials, logos, banners, flyers, etc.

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