Best Way to Start a Blog & Blogging Tips to Earn Money

Do you like reading? Do you ever wonder what’s a blog? Then you must be aware of the difference between a blog and article. An article is something that needs research (secondary or primary), whereas a blog is nothing but something that requires very less research and the language is generally very casual. Has it ever happened to you that you are not understanding anything and you google for some information? Most readers tend to read blogs to understand any concept they have no knowledge about. Blogs can be related to anything: technological- how to change Gmail password! Food-related- 5 best breakfast recipes for children! Travel related- 10 best places for one day trip near New York. blogs can be related to any topic. Literally anything! If you wonder how to be a blogger and earn handsome amount of money, follow below steps and get the easier way to start a blog.

Why Blogging is Important?

There are many reasons why blogging is important:

1. Information Sharing:

Blogging is a source of information sharing. It is a way of expressing your thoughts in words. A blog can be related to anything. Bloggers spread the information on particular topics with readers. These informative blogs are not at all promotional. These are a type of inbound blogs. Here the inbound term indicates anything that is written to resolve people’s problems.

2. Promoting:

These blogs are about any particular brand, company, product, event, person, etc. These blogs narrate everything good about that particular topic and also narrates uses as well as benefits of it. Such blogs are usually found on company websites. Such blogs are considered unfit for marketing purpose. Buying decisions are usually influenced after reading such blogs.

3. News Updates:

These blogs cover the latest topics and trends. Writers gather all the information on trending hot topics and write an interesting blog that has A to Z details about that particular topic. Such blogs always gain a lot of traffic as the hot topic is targeted. Users can get updated knowledge on that topic after reading a single blog.

How to Start a Blog?

As they say; “The first impression is the last!” That is so true in the case of blogs. In this era of digitally savvy people, there are millions of blogs and thousands of bloggers. It is essential to decide what topic are you going to write on, what will be the title, how do you start your blog, etc. Even if you put a lot of efforts into writing a blog, it will not get good traffic if your start is not satisfactory.

Purpose of Starting Blog:

As mentioned above, there can be numerous purposes to start a blog. You can create your own blog if you want to share your knowledge/ journey/ experience. You can create your own blog to promote anything. Blogging is considered as an important factor in marketing. Especially in digital marketing.

Choosing Blog Domain Name:

Choosing a blog domain name can be tricky. Keep it related to your topic. If you are a person who understands digital marketing and Google, you must be aware of the term ‘keywords’. Always add keywords in the domain name of your blog. Also, keep it short and easy to read as well as pronounce.

Choosing a Blog Hosting Provider:

Having a website for your blogs is very important. It is required for SEO purpose.
Blog hosting provider must have easy setups options with hosting providers. It should deliver high-quality features and security too. User-friendly is the quality that is mandatory for a hosting provider.

Choosing Blogging Platform:

If you are a beginner, choose a platform that offers easy customization, is cheap in cost or free, should have a high-quality server, etc. There are some hosting sites that are going great:, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, etc.

Selecting Blog Design:

Now that is a crucial and important part. A beautiful lady dressed up badly will not impress men! No matter how good the content is, if the design is poor, it will not attract readers. It is important to select design properly. If you refer any good blogger tutorial, you will find that design must be according to the blog topic. Always prefer customizable design theme. The color grids used should be eye pleasant and increase the user retention.

Finding Blog Topic:

What should be the topic? Selecting a topic is sometimes very easy and vice versa. It is recommended to select a topic that is searched by many users. The topic must bring good traffic and should add to the knowledge of readers.

How to Earn Money From a Blog:

There are many ways to make money from blogs. If you reach a certain amount of visitors on your website, you can display ads on the web pages. You will get paid for these ads. Also, freelance blogging can help you earn money. Businesses can use blogs to increase user engagement and ultimately earn new consumers with higher conversion rates. Usually, a call to action (CTA) is used for this purpose.


Blogs are something that influences the thoughts of readers. It is important for writers/bloggers to create an appealing content. Writing good content is not all. When the question arises that how to be a blogger, blogger must include hosting provider, platform, blog design, etc. Bloggers who follow every aspect properly can surely make good money from the blogs.

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